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I help beauty industry professionals create content that grows their business and helps them generate revenue online.

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I have worked in the beauty industry for over 10 years as a beauty editor, influencer, content strategist, and brand consultant. These are my proven tools to help you easily create content that grows your beauty business.


A full breakdown of how brands work with beauty influencers, plus a pitch email template you can customize, copy and paste.


“I don’t know what to post.” If you’ve ever said this to yourself, this free content planner with 3 content calendars is your solution.

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Beauty Content Pro

Your solution for beauty content calendars, posts, and planning done for you… every month!

“Nicole, I don’t know what to post. How do I come up with new content ideas again and again?”

Many of the women in our beauty community have asked me this very question, so I created a content solution just for you!  Beauty Content Pro provides done-for-you content, images, social media captions, AND digital marketing support to help you grow your beauty business.

Enrollment for Beauty Content Pro opens three times per year

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