Clunky web designs are a thing of the past because less is more in today’s tech-centric world.

Being able to effectively use minimalism to deliver top-notch content and offer an aesthetically appealing site is sure to continuously attract readers. These 8 beauty bloggers are using minimalist design to beautifully display their content.


Teni Panosian of Miss Maven uses a very simple design to display her content through a classic black and white theme. The usage of boxes and clean lines on her homepage draw attention to her photos and keeps things clean. Her site is heavy on the graphics and light on the amount of displayed text, making it simple, but still interesting enough to keep your attention.




Robin Black’s Beauty is Boring blog is big on using dominant photographs that showcase her amazing makeup artistry. Much like Miss Maven, Beauty is Boring utilizes a black and white theme that keeps things simple. While some designs’ incorporation of social media icons can be a little overbearing, Black does a good job with melding them into her navigation bar in a very clean way.




Lynnette Hernandez of By Lynny utilizes a very minimal design, but adds pops of color in her logo and breaks up the monotony of the black/white theme by incorporating gray within her site. Her two-column design is very image-heavy, but no visuals dominate the other. The usage of breaking up each category within her site into a tumblr-esque format also works really well with keeping things concise and as impactful as possible.




K is for Kinky utilizes a few more elements than the blogs listed above, but still maintains a simple layout that is really effective. The way the most popular items are listed under the navigation is a great way to draw attention to content.



Byrdie uses a clean black and white theme, coupled with dominant imagery and little text to draw readers to recent blog posts. The blog’s navigation bar is very simple, but the addition of the three-line menu navigation on the upper left corner makes it easy to track down the exact category you’re searching for. Byrdie’s simple aesthetic and navigable design also translates extremely well to mobile, ensuring a smooth experience across devices.




Emily Weiss, founder of Into The Gloss, formerly worked for Vogue and her blog is an indicator of her editorial background. The blog’s layout feels very much like a magazine with its serif headlines, crisp photos and article teasers. The blog is packed with lots of information, but the navigation bar makes it very easy to track down the type of post you’re searching for. It’s also very easy to share interesting content to your social media accounts.




Cara Brook’s Maskcara has very dominant imagery on its homepage, which is a great way to draw readers to her most recent posts. Her blog’s design also makes it very easy to find content categories and connect with her social media accounts.



Urban Bush Babes is a perfect example of “less is more.” The blog focuses on its content and high-resolution photos to achieve a simple look. The design of the site makes it easy to follow Urban Bush Babes online or to shop for their store’s products.



Are there any minimally designed beauty blogs you read and love?  Paste the link in the comments below so we can see and share!