In this article, I talk about the power of influencers and one of our favorite beauty brands has just partnered with a MEGA STAR! Vegan beauty brand Beauty Bakerie is collaborating with 3-time gold medal Olympian Gabby Douglas for a specially curated collection of lipsticks. Beauty Bakerie is known for their bakery themed items, including their smudge-proof lipsticks called Lip Whips. Check out #WhatSmudge on instagram and you’ll see loyal fans singing their praises. (Don’t worry it can easily be taken off with an oil based remover.)

This is hardly Beauty Bakerie’s first time dabbling in the beauty influencer world. They have also teamed up with Haley Wight (@CosmoByHaley on Instagram) and Kalani Hilliker of Dance Moms for special collections. But with Gabby Douglas’ 1.9 million Instagram followers (and her 3 Olympic gold medals!), this is certainly Beauty Bakerie’s biggest collaboration to date.

In a press release Gabby Douglas said, “I am so excited about this partnership with Beauty Bakerie! Being Better not Bitter is very similar to my personal motto, ‘Hard days are the best because that’s when champions are made.’ It’s easy to allow negativity or hard circumstances to keep you from chasing your dreams. However, it is very important that you always stay positive and surround yourself with others who share the same mindset. I have actually always wanted to have a lipstick line also, so this partnership fits together in many ways! I’m honored to be able to partner with a brand that has an amazing product.”

Cashmere Nicole, CEO of Beauty Bakerie gleefully said, “Signing Gabby on as a creative partner aligns on a deeper level to Beauty Bakerie’s roots. I heard the word, “no” so often, especially being a teenage mother and when people recited their statistics to me, I was told that I wouldn’t graduate high school or earn a college degree. There was only one Voice I listened to. I focused on that and never looked back. I see this in Gabby. Both beauty AND confidence; drive AND determination. She’s got it. It makes her such a force to be reckoned with.”

Collaborations like this are great for both parties. For Gabby, it’s the ultimate turn of events to partner with a beauty brand after her own appearance was unfairly targeted during the 2012 games. And for Beauty Bakerie it means access to a new, international market through Gabby. And it’s the perfect time for them! Their business is growing, having recently expanded their lip shades and product offerings. They are set to release a setting powder called Flour (for baking – get it?) and a Cake Mix foundation later this year. With added eyes from this collaboration, those launches will be oh so sweet.

The five piece Lip Whip Set will launch on March 14th and is specially priced at $80. A normal single Lip Whip sells for $20.

To read more behind the scene information about check out Gabby’s Q&A on!