I’m beyond thrilled to write this post and give you some background on why I created my newest digital brand, Beauty Content Pro!

The idea of Beauty Content Pro dates back to the beginning of 2017. Throughout 2016, I was working with several small business owners 1-on-1 for social media management and influencer marketing. Keep in mind that 2016 was a breakout year for Instagram, especially with the launch of IG Stories in August 2016. Ev-er-y-one wanted to learn more, more, more about how to grow on Instagram… which is when I had the idea for an online course to teach about Instagram.

There was only one problem: ?
I had already committed to launching Beauty Influencer School, my online course just for beauty influencers.

The question I kept getting over and over again…

One day, someone in our community asked me, “Nicole, why don’t I don’t have the swipe-up feature in my IG Stories or my IG Highlights?” And I noticed this question came up quite a few times. I kept explaining, “You can only get links in Stories and Highlights once you hit 10K. Do everything in your power to hit 10K so you can drive more traffic to your sites from Instagram.”

And after saying this to about five different people…. BAM! I realized that “Grow to 10K” was the perfect name for a standalone course on IG that was just for beginners who wanted to grow their audience so they could get links in Stories and Highlights. The domain was available so I scooped it up from GoDaddy in February 2017.

Fast forward to summer 2017, and I moved ahead with launching Beauty Influencer School since I had already began creating content for this launch and course.

Once that course was done, I immediately noticed that my STUDENTS were coming into my Facebook group and allllll their questions were about ….*drumroll please*... you guessed it. INSTAGRAM.

It was at this point that I felt confident about creating Grow to 10K as standalone Instagram course to compliment Beauty Influencer School.

Launching my Instagram course

After two successful launches of Beauty Influencer School (Fall 2017 and Spring 2018) I started working on Grow to 10K in spring 2018. I opened the cart for Grow to 10K in June and Ocotber 2018.

Now that I had a group of influencers in Beauty Influencer School… and a separate group of beauty pros in Grow to 10K… I saw a common thread for both of these audiences:

Some people didn’t want to learn how to create beautiful photos or write captivating captions. They just wanted an all-in-one solution where they could get the content DONE for them.

In fact, every time I would open the cart to my course, I would get emails from students saying, “Nicole I love your program, but do you offer social media management? I still don’t know how I can create pretty flatlays or how to write great captions for my posts?”

So at the end of 2018, I KNEW I had to fill this void for my students. And I knew that if my students were having this problem, other beauty pros probably were, too!

Back to the brainstorming drawing board… again

Again, I went to brainstorming and researching all across the socials and interwebs. I loved the idea of a beauty content monthly membership, but had NO idea if this already existed or how to get it started.

I listed out a ton of possible names and wanted to call it the “Beauty Content Box” to describe it as an “out-the-box” solution, but when I asked my biz besties about that, they were like, “nah, people are going to think they will get a box in the mail.” Four people in a row said this exact phrase. Womp womp.

A few weeks later, I thought of and LOVED the name Beauty Content Pro! I shared it with my mentor and biz besties and they loved it, too.

I scooped up the domain and social names in November 2018 and worked on it little by little until I was ready to do a beta launch in spring 2019.

Beauty Content Pro goes LIVE!

I welcomed my beta launch members in May and here we are today! I’m so happy to have birthed this new brand and put her out into the world. It’s been four months since that beta launch, I learned a TON (whew chiiiiiiile… new businesses are a LOT of work!), and I’ve also had my amazing members help me SO much in making the content better and better. I seriously have to thank my beta members who have been a huge help in shaping what is best for our community. I’m SO grateful for them!

I share this story because I think it’s helpful for you to see the timeline of how this got started (it was two years in the making!). I also want you to see that I created Beauty Content Pro solely because my students were asking for it.

It’s important when you’re launching a new brand or business, that you have validated that there is a market and need for it. Don’t fall victim to that “build it and they will come” slogan. The smartest way to launch a new brand is to FIRST validate the idea to make sure you have an audience you can sell it to.

If you’d like to become a Beauty Content Pro member, the doors open once every quarter! (December, March, June and September)

I hope my brand story inspires you to dream big, but also listen to what your audience is asking you for!  If you have a dream in your heart and you keep hearing the same comments or questions from people over and over again… it could be a clue that you’re on to something BIG! Do your research, get some wise counsel on your idea (I don’t know what I would do without my mentor and biz besties!)… and move forward with your vision.

Leave a comment below if you want to chat about how to get started so our community can cheer you on!

P.S. In case you’re wondering…

Because I know someone will ask…?  When does Beauty Influencer School or Grow to 10K reopen for enrollment? Both programs will be closed for a while so that I can fully focus on Beauty Content Pro. The membership has totally taken off bigger than I expected! There are also a lot more moving parts with a membership because content has to be delivered and members need excellent customer service from me month after month.

I deliver foundational tactics on both Instagram marketing and influencer marketing to our members of Beauty Content Pro every month during our live classes. My recommendation would be to join BCP to get the support you need! Memberships are quarterly (3 months) and you can cancel anytime. I give a LOT of attention to BCP members, so I’d be happy to help with any specific IG or influencer questions in our members-only group. Click HERE to learn more!