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My Year of Slow

Is it just me or did 2019 fly by? I know that’s SO cliche to write, but I can honestly say that there were months in this year where I would blink and they’d be over. At the beginning of this year, I knew 2019 would be a turning point for my business. I ended 2018 on...

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The Story of Why I Launched Beauty Content Pro

I’m beyond thrilled to write this post and give you some background on why I created my newest digital brand, Beauty Content Pro! The idea of Beauty Content Pro dates back to the beginning of 2017. Throughout 2016, I was working with several small business owners...

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3 Ways to Work With Brands When You’re Just Starting Out

Hey loves! I’ve gotten to know several of the women in our beauty influencer community over the past few years. The vast majority of you are balancing your 9-to-5 job either in a corporate job or as a beauty professional, while also learning how to create content and...

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FB Live #12: How Do I Create Content Consistently?

Consistency is KEY to your success as a beauty influencer!  You must have a plan and content calendar if your goal is to work with brands and earn an income from your content.  No one wants to work with someone who is here today and gone tomorrow! Posting...

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FB Live #11: How Do Beauty Influencers Make Money?

If there's one question I get asked MOST often, it's, "How do beauty influencers make money?" Before you start to earn an income from your content, it's important to be sure your content is high-quality and you are posting consistently! Once you have an...

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