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Live Streaming Best Practices For Your Beauty Business

Live streaming and video, in general, is the new king of the content world. It can help you build instant credibility and authority in your space - if done correctly. People are looking for transparency from brands and they want a face to associate with it. And...

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Sephora Invests In 10 Women Led Beauty Companies

Sephora is investing in its future by investing in women led beauty companies. This month, Sephora announced the winners for its second Sephora Accelerate program. Sephora says, “Sephora Accelerate is dedicated to building a community of innovative female founders in...

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[PHOTOS] Our First DMV Beauty Lounge Meetup!

I am BEYOND grateful to all the ladies who attended our Open House and launch of the DMV Beauty Lounge this past weekend! This was my very first event and it was standing room only. Wow! So, so humbled! There has been such a huge response for a beauty community in...

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Why Nordstrom Is Investing In Natural Beauty

Natural beauty sales are expected to exceed $13 billion by 2018 and Nordstrom is ready to cash in. Recently, Nordstrom has dedicated both digital and in-store space to promote natural products. They have a special section on their website with over 1,000 products from...

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How To Use Instagram’s Multi-Picture Update

The ever-changing landscape of social media has changed again with Instagram's multi-picture update! The update was announced this week on Instagram’s blog: “Now, you can combine up to 10 photos and videos in one post and swipe through to see them all. [...] When...

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