I am BEYOND grateful to all the ladies who attended our Open House and launch of the DMV Beauty Lounge this past weekend!

This was my very first event and it was standing room only. Wow! So, so humbled!

There has been such a huge response for a beauty community in this area, so I am excited that we’ll be hosting more meetups.  I created the DMV Beauty Lounge as a gathering place where beauty influencers, professionals and brand owners can come together, network and learn ways to grow!

I would love for you to join the DMV Beauty Lounge! Our next event is Saturday May 6th, so save the date!

Special thank you to my assistant, Antoinette, for her hard work helping me put this together.  Also, thank you to Jeff Brooks for the amazing photos and Alikia Reaves for video.  Super big hugs to my volunteers- Karmen, Studly, Montrelle and Uju! Thank you Perfect Office for hosting us! I am so grateful for my amazing team and support!  We are truly a family!