“Nicole, I am posting on Instagram, but it feels like no one is seeing my posts and I’m not turning followers into clients.  What am I doing wrong!?”

I get this comment quite frequently from the women in my community, so I wanted to share how we can get past this once and for all in 2020!

First, let me say that I can totally understand your frustration!  I have posts on my feed that I thought were going to be my most popular posts ever… and it was simply crickets.  

But, just because some posts may not get the reaction or response you expected, doesn’t mean you’re doing anything wrong on the app itself.

It may just mean you need to shift your mindset!

Before I teach about the tactical, step-by-step on how to use Instagram for your business, I want to remind you to first start with your mindset.

Ask yourself, “Am I thinking about this one post or this one month of content in the grand scheme of how I am running my beauty business?”

Instagram is a marketing tool.  In order to be successful on Instagram, it’s imperative that you view every post from the mindset of a marketer.

Here are three ways that you can begin to think like a marketer on Instagram! 


See Challenges As Opportunities

Repeat after me: “The algorithm is not my enemy!”  I hear many of the women in our community say that Instagram won’t let them be great. This is NOT true!  You have to learn to master your mindset and shift your focus in order to grow in spite of your challenges. 

If the algorithm is going to make it harder for me to grow, guess what? I’m going to rise to the challenge because I will NOT be defeated! (Can I get an amen?!)

Is it hard to grow with the new algorithm?  Yes. But can you see this as a challenge you CAN overcome? YES! 

Instagram isn’t going anywhere. (I predict it will become even BIGGER in the years to come!) If you want to see growth on Instagram, don’t focus on your challenges, focus on your mindset.  See your challenges as opportunities for you to learn and grow beyond your limitations!


Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

When you’re shifting your mindset about Instagram growth, it’s critical that you avoid the comparison trap.  It’s easy to scroll on Instagram and think every other beauty blogger or beauty entrepreneur has their life together and you don’t.   That’s not true, girl! (We are ALL a hot mess some days, I can assure you!)

There’s a podcast on iTunes called “Making Oprah.”  (I highly recommend you listen to it when you get a chance!)

Oprah’s producers from the 1980’s and Oprah herself were interviewed.  They all said that in the early days, a lot of shows began to copy Oprah.  The Oprah Show team was oblivious to these copycats because Oprah told them to keep their blinders on.  In other words, they were not paying attention to what anyone else was doing because they were solely focused on their own show! And guess what? The Oprah show was #1 because of their hard work and not being focused on anyone else’s content but their own!

Instagram is the same way. The more time you spend dissecting someone else’s content is the less time you have to perfect your own.  (And NO, looking at other people’s page is not “research!”) Put your blinders on and do not compare yourself to other Instagram accounts.  Instead, spend every waking moment focused on creating stellar content of your own!


Always Remember You’re Running a Business

When you use Instagram as a business tool, you are not just a content creator— you are running a content BUSINESS.   This is true for all areas of the beauty industry!

  •     If you’re a blogger and want to work with brands… that’s a business!
  •     If you’re a beauty professional and want to book more clients… that’s a business!
  •     If you’re a beauty brand owner or executive and you want to book paid speaking engagements or partnerships… that’s a business!

Creating amazing Instagram content is part of your business strategy.  You cannot afford to NOT take advantage of a FREE app to build your business and earn an income!  

Shift your mindset to that of a business owner.  Think about every post as a way to market yourself and connect with your followers.  Even if there are moments where you feel that your content is not being seen or you struggle to come up with content ideas, as a business owner, there are ways for you to get beyond this bump in the road and see the bigger picture. 

I’m always happy to help and share resources, so if you have any questions, please click here to post them in my Facebook group, The Beauty Content Club.  

The women here are also super supportive, so if you need a community to help you with content ideas, we would love to have you!

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