Beauty bloggers everywhere, have you heard about this new partnership between RewardStyle and Google!

Google has finally found a way around their dilemma of content searching for clothing choices.

Google Search has a problem indexing content found on Instagram and Snapchat. Now thanks to a new search engine called Shop the Look that is all going to change.

Google has teamed up with Amber Venz Box’s to source its content using, a company that allows bloggers to make money from their social posts. Bloggers do this by helping influencers/brands send followers a link to buy the products featured on their posts.

The days of liking an outfit on Instagram and then painfully searching for the pieces online are now over and although is sourcing the fashion content that is not all it is known for. is also for travel, lifestyle and even beauty content.

By blogging about your top favorite beauty products, make up tips and more your followers may ask where they can purchase these products or how they can get that style. By using, if they click on your photo or video a link will be sent to them so they can purchase the mentioned products. Once the followers how purchased the product, the retailer and the blogger (you) will receive compensation.

What a great way to make money, while doing what you love right!

Even though Shop the Look allows users to search for an outfit such as a “cocktail dress,” with ease. The platform, mostly for home décor and fashion, will pull in images from the social influencers that match the outfit description.

Users can then click on one of the photos and a gallery of each clothing item featured in the picture, as well as a link to purchase it will pop up.

Shop the Look is great for Google, but utilizing is even better for beauty bloggers who are looking to turn their hobby into a business.

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Original article about Shop the Look can be found on Tech Crunch