It’s no secret that Instagram is the go-to choice for beauty pros looking to grow their business.

Instagram Highlights are one place you may not think about when you’re looking to boost engagement… but they are SO important! 

An Instagram Highlight is a little button under your bio where you can save Instagram Stories beyond 24 hours. You can add a Highlight Cover that makes the button color-coordinated to your brand.  You can also add a title under each button so they are easier to navigate. 

Let’s break down the art and science of why Highlights are so important!


1. Instagram Highlights Make Your Profile More Eye Catching


Instagram is a VERY visual app.  If someone taps through to your profile, you want your page to really POP!

One of the best ways to make a great first impression is by having your highlights on brand with your feed and organized.


2. Instagram Highlights Help You Organize Content… So You Get More Clients


Speaking of organization… new clients and customers want to know the who, what, where, when and WHY of your business right away.

Video content is the best way to quickly answer questions that someone NEW to your page may have. Since scrolling through the grid would take forever… Highlights are the perfect solution for organizing your video content!  You can quickly film a video to your Stories and boom, save it as a Highlight for quick access right in your bio.


3. Instagram Highlights Can Replace Your Website


*Gasp!*  Yes, me, Nicole, the digital queen, and former dotcom editor … I will say with confidence that if you are just starting out, you can use your Highlights to serve the same purpose as a website.

Think about it.  When someone goes to your website, they look through the MENU BAR to find what they need, such as the About page, Contact, Info, Booking… etc.

You can set these same “pages” up by using Instagram Highlights!  Create Highlight “buttons” that will tell your prospective customers and clients everything they would find on your typical web browser. 

(And okay, okay…. YES, you still need a legit website. So save your coins for that… but in the meantime, at least purchase your domain name from GoDaddy with 30% off here and forward the domain name to your Instagram page.  I’ve used GoDaddy for years and they are reliable with excellent customer service!)

There are a few ways that I recommend styling your Instagram Highlights and I want to show a few examples here!


Multicolor with Icons


Neutrogena Instagram Highlights

Burt's Bees Instagram Highlights


Monochromatic with Icons 

(Monochromatic means the same color in different hues)


Betternest Instagram Highlights


Monochromatic Without Icons


Persona Cosmetics Instagram Highlights

Amber Ferguson Instagram Highlights


Solid Color With Icons


Priv Instagram Highlights

Origins Instagram Highlights


Highlights with Words


Mizani Instagram Highlights

Eden BodyWorks Instagram Highlights

OGXBeauty Instagram Highlights


Highlights with Illustrations


Beauty Content Studio Instagram Highlights

Maria Antoinette Instagram Highlights


Product Catalog

(Creating a highlight for each product in your beauty line)


Beneath Your Mask Instagram Highlights


As you can see, there are a lot of FUN ways to style your Instagram homepage with the help of Highlights!  

Instagram Highlights make your page look more polished and give your followers, customers, and clients a better user experience with your brand. 

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YES, you read that right…. one thousand and three hundred Highlights!  

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It’s totally up to you and this bundle gives you everything you need!

I’ve included beauty and business icons…. plus a few tech, workspace, and lifestyle icons too!

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