Live streaming and video, in general, is the new king of the content world. It can help you build instant credibility and authority in your space – if done correctly. People are looking for transparency from brands and they want a face to associate with it. And nothing puts a face with brand quite like live video. With Periscope, Facebook Live and now Instagram Live allowing you to save broadcasts, it’s never been easier to get started. But please don’t fire up your camera and just start talking. You need a plan. Just like the other pieces of your content marketing plan, live streaming requires a strategy. So if you are looking to become a live streaming star, here are five live streaming best practices.


Be knowledgeable and authentic

First and foremost, speak about what you know. Live video streaming is so raw and transparent, that your audience will immediately know if you’re faking the funk. If you speak on the topics you are the most knowledgeable and are passionate about, it will translate well to your audience. You will come off as informed and show people that you are a resource. People connect with others who are trustworthy and authenticity. Speaking knowledgeable about your subject matter creates that trust and authenticity.


Be engaging and authentic

As much as video is about you and your brand, it’s about your audience as well. Your live video has to be interesting and engaging to them. If you know your audience well and are speaking about what you know, being engaging becomes much easier. Does your audience want to see product reviews, a makeup tutorial, a Q&A? Identify what kind of content they are looking for and produce it in your own way. And don’t be afraid to ask them directly what they want!



This is one of the most important of the live streaming best practices. You have to let people know when to tune in! Select a convenient time for your audience, and then advertise it. If members of your audience are Shonda Rhimes fans, Thursdays after 8pm aren’t going to work. But a quick video at 7pm might work better as they are preparing for #TGIT. Well before the video starts, create a graphic or teaser video to tell people when to tune in.


Repurpose content

Of course, not everyone is going to be able to watch live, but with recordings now available, you can easily repurpose this content. You can post it on Facebook or Twitter and even YouTube if the quality is good enough. Also, put that email list to good use and send your video to your loyal fans.


Build consistency

Once you got that all down, people are going to want to see more of you! And the best way to build a following is to be consistent. No, you don’t have to produce a nightly newscast, but try going live on a weekly or monthly basis. Just like the rest of your social plan, come up with an editorial calendar. And then deliver! This isn’t to say you can’t do a spontaneous broadcast, just make them in addition to the scheduled ones.


What are your live streaming best practices? And how are you using live streaming to build your brand?