L’Oréal has scooped up IT Cosmetics in a cash deal worth $1.2 billion.

If you’ve never heard of It Cosmetics, you are totally missing out! The brand was founded in 2008 by Jamie Kern Lima and Paulo Lima, with many of its products developed with leading plastic surgeons to provide solutions to women with acne, rosacea, and other challenging skin conditions.

What makes the story of IT Cosmetics SO remarkable is that it was built into a billion dollar brand in just eight years. EIGHT years y’all.

Jamie has always done an awesome job of telling her story, which has been the top driver of IT Cosmetics’ success.  When the brand became a best-seller on QVC, Jamie would apply the makeup on herself, bringing a fresh and authentic voice to her brand.  Jamie took off all her makeup on air, exposing her rosacea which helped viewers connect with Jamie—and her brand— on a deeper level.

“When I go on TV and I take my makeup off it’s for two reasons,” Lima told Allure. “One is to show that our products really work, and the other is because I believe every woman is beautiful, whether she has acne or rosacea. I just want women, whether they have skin issues or if they’ve never connected with a brand, to know that they can be beautiful.”

Jamie took it a step further, launching an IT Cosmetics YouTube channel that has reached 1.5 million views. Jamie herself also stars in the majority of the YouTube tutorials, again demonstrating how IT Cosmetics covers up her rosacea, such as this video below.

I’ve been following Jamie’s story since 2012, when I attended an IT Cosmetics press event in New York City.  I seriously love her story and, let me tell you their products really do WORK! I have adult acne, and have been a devoted fan of IT Cosmetics for the past four years.

If there’s one message I’m always preaching to my clients and readers here on this blog: TELL YOUR STORY. The number one way to connect with your audience is to tell your story. I am certain that had it not been for Jamie connecting with her customers through her own struggles with skincare and confidence, her brand would not be worth $1.2 billion in just eight years. Beauty consumers, especially women, will connect with your brand when they connect to your story.

KUDOS to the IT Cosmetics team!

Read the full press release about the acquisition here.