Digital Beauty Week starts on May 1st!

The goal of Digital Beauty Week is to teach you how to create a digital product or offer that you can sell online.

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Here’s the Schedule for Digital Beauty Week


Friday, May 1: Where should I start? What content should I post right now?
Action Guide: Content Ideas For Beauty Pros

Saturday, May 2: How do I make money online? I will share ideas on what you can offer.
Action Guide: Ideas for Products and Services You Can Sell Online

Sunday, May 3:  How do I accept payments online? Tutorial on SamCart
Action Guide: Step-by-step instructions on setting up your checkout page with SamCart



Monday, May 4: How do I get in touch with my audience and customers online? Tutorial on ConvertKit
Action Guide: Step-by-step instructions on setting up an email list with ConvertKit



Tuesday, May 5th: How do I create digital resources & worksheets for my offers? Tutorial on MS Word and Google Docs
Action Guide: Step-by-step guide on creating e-books and worksheets using MS Word and Google Docs

Wednesday, May 6th: Let’s review your digital offers!
Live Q&A with Nicole in the Beauty Content Club Facebook Group  (Join us here!) I will be available to do LIVE audits of your online offer

Thursday, May 7th: Ongoing resources and support for beauty professionals
I will share a list of additional resources you can use to support your business amid COVID-19 here on the blog


What Exactly Is a Digital Offer?

Some ideas for your online offers could be:
— virtual beauty consultations
— gift card deals for future services when you reopen
— “spa in a bag” or “facial in a bag” kits
— online brow shaping or makeup application class
— teaching an online class
— creating an e-book or beauty guide bundle

…And these are just a few! I will include more ideas in your Action Guides each day for Digital Beauty Week when you register HERE.


You WILL Need to Generate Income Online… for the Long Term!

Most of us in the US have been quarantined for over a full month now. I listened to your feedback on what would be most helpful for you and created Digital Beauty Week so you can build LASTING online marketing strategies now and throughout the rest of the year. (Because we don’t know when this pandemic will end.)⁠⠀
You’ll be able to watch the tutorials again and again while using the Action Guides to get up and running quickly.⁠⠀
Now that we are well into our new normal, it’s time to move into a new month STRONG.

I’ll see you on May 1st! Sign up below!




Affiliate Disclosure:  I will earn a commission if you sign up for a paid plan for SamCart and/or ConvertKit. I have used both of these tools for years and only recommend them because I LOVE them! I will only ever share tools that I personally use and trust. You have my word! ?