Now you can stream Periscope broadcasts directly from your Twitter feed. Periscope is a social live-streaming service owned by Twitter, and as of today, Periscope videos can be embedded in tweets and played right within the timeline of Twitter’s iOS app, reports Medium. The news was first announced on Twitter (obvi).

The update will allow much greater visibility for Periscope, a fairly new player in the social media app space. Twitter, which launched in 2006 (has it really been a decade already!?) has more than 500 million users. Periscope, by contrast, has 10 million users, so it’s clear the folks at Twitter are hopeful that by adding Scopes into users’ Twitter feeds, more people will sign up for and download the Periscope app.

While users will be able to view Periscope streams directly on Twitter, the only way to engage with a brand during a live stream is via the Periscope app itself. Again, this is a smart move for Twitter, since it knows that Scoping is twice the fun when you’re able to ask a question live or give hearts to your Scope host.

Periscope has proven to be a success since its launch in 2014, amassing over 100 million live broadcasts to date. It was also Apple’s app of the year for 2015.

For now, this only applies to Twitter’s iOS app. Android and web support is said to be coming in the near future.