I can guarantee that you have at least five posts that you can put up today —yes, right now!— if you just knew where to look!

One of the biggest problems that I solve for my clients is creating content calendars, writing captions, and uploading social media posts using content they already have.

Finding social media content doesn’t have to make you cringe! I have a few tried-and-true places that I always start with when I’m creating a content calendar from a clean slate.


1. Look for Relevant Beauty Holidays

If you’ve never heard of National Lipstick Day or National Take a Bubble Bath Day, then newsflash! There are beauty, wellness, and health “holidays” every month of the year. These “holidays” make great conversation starters on social media, and as a bonus, you can search the hashtag on Instagram to easily find and engage with other beauty pros in your niche.

(By the way… I offer an annual Beauty Holiday Calendar when you join Beauty Content Pro! Enrollment opens again at the beginning of April. You can sign up for the waitlist right here).




2. Check Photos on Instagram That You Have Been Tagged in

Perhaps you attended an event recently and someone tagged you in an Instagram photo. Or, maybe one of your clients took a selfie featuring the hair or makeup services that you provided. This content is GOLDEN when you’re looking for content ideas. You can repost the image and tell a short background story about the photo and also tag the original page where the image is from.


Find Instagram photos you've been tagged in


3. Scroll Through The Photo Gallery On Your Phone

We’ve all had moments where we saved an image or video to our camera roll and never got around to posting it! I am the QUEEN of taking so.many.good.photos and then life happens where the phone rings or my toddler starts screaming for me and then the day goes on… and then MONTHS later I have this bomb photo I totally forgot about. Please tell me I am not the only one who does this!?

I also want to mention here that gone are the days where your photo had to be IDENTICAL to the caption that goes with the image. You can totally post a selfie of yourself and have the caption be about something totally different. Don’t feel so much pressure to be matchy-matchy with your posts and captions. Just use the cute photo and talk about whatever you want in the caption!


4. Your Text Messages (or GroupMe or Slack Channel)

This is a piggyback on point #3. At this point in your life, you need (MUST) have a group chat where your business besties are hyping you up, sharing advice, and occasionally sending you theeee.most.hilarious memes and ridiculousness from around the interwebs. In my group chat, my besties are also always dropping GEMS, from either a quote someone posted or something insightful they came across on their timeline.

It’s totally fine to occasionally repost a funny meme or inspirational quote to your timeline or share it in an email blast. Just be SURE to always, always, always tag the original source when you repost!


5. Look at Your Google Calendar

Sometimes you just need a quick refresher of what you have going on in your life! Perhaps you took a cute photo at a work event last week. Seeing that event on your calendar will jog your memory of an image you can post.

Or let’s say for example you are going to spin class with your best friend this weekend. Set a reminder in your phone to take a photo of you two at the gym, and use that photo to share a story about how taking care of your health and sticking with your fitness routine has helped you be a better beautypreneur. (I know this to be true for myself! I’m a mess at work when I skip my workouts for too long.)

BONUS… set a reminder in your phone to actually take the picture for the event coming up! This is especially helpful if you have a lot going on and tend to forget!

Okay, friends, I hope this quick list was helpful to you. Don’t forget, I share content ideas already researched for you every month inside Beauty Content Pro. It is a total lifesaver if you find yourself asking, “how do I come up with content ideas?!” I’ve got you covered, so click below to learn more and get on the waitlist!


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