Sephora is one of the ultimate beauty destination’s for your favorite brands from Urban Decay to Smashbox.

Sephora posts information about new brand products, sales and giveaways on their social media accounts which have a combined following of 25 million. Sephora’s Instagram page is ranked number 3 according to the Statistics Portal for followers as of April 2016.

Now Sephora is taking their own social media savvy and putting it towards promoting their own cosmetics line with their new Instagram page and contest.

Along with launching their new cosmetic’s line, a giveaway contest called “Want it, Win it” was also launched. The winners of the sweepstakes will win a swag package that includes lipsticks, eyeshadows and mascara from the Sephora Collection.

The purpose of the separate account is too boost their collections sales and increase the following on their Instagram account for their brand.

“In order for brands to stay relevant in front of millennials, they need to pay close attention as this demographic can move from one social media brand to another without too much heads-up,” said Marci Troutman, CEO of SiteMinis to Mobile Commerce Daily. “Keeping a pulse on each social platform and working to gain likes across a mix of platforms is important as millennial consumers won’t be loyal when it comes to wanting to be on the latest, greatest platform.”

“Brands need to keep in mind that just a few short years ago, there wasn’t a social media platform in existence.”

Sephora’s Want it, Win it contest

This is how it works, the Sephora Collection asks followers to tag a friend for a chance to enter the sweepstakes to win a sag bag filled with Sephora Collection makeup. The first bag offered included a pro airbrush, 10 eyeliners, five cream lip stains, five rouge cream lipsticks, mascara and five colorful shadows.

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“A brand like Sephora posting an Instagram Story informing followers of a sweepstakes, which can be entered by following the @SephoraCollection Instagram account and tagging a friend to win, is the perfect marketing move to gain likes and grow its brand on Instagram,” Ms. Troutman said.

Each day the swag bag will consist of different Sephora brand products.

The Sephora Collection’s number of Instagram followers increased by several thousand overnight between the first and second days of the promotion.

Several brands have been leveraging their sizable Instagram audiences in a bid to drive product sales and convince consumers to follow separate social media accounts for different lines.

The I Want It, I Win It sweepstakes runs through August 28. So be sure to tag a friend and get entered into the contest to win your very own saw bag!