Sephora is targeting curly girls in a fun new way with the launch of an online service, “It’s a Curl Thing.”

The new website app and campaign helps women with curly, wavy or coily hair find products that work for their hair type and texture.

Once a user visits the campaign on, she can select her curl type and the site will offer a range of products including co-washes, detanglers, conditioners, hair masks and several other items that curly girls can use to get their ringlets in tip top shape.

“Beauty is personal, and perhaps nothing is more personal than hair — and curly hair in particular!” Jessica Phillips Perez, Sephora’s director of hair merchandising, tells Refinery29. “Every curl is unique, which usually means [the customer] needs to try and try again to find the right regimen and product cocktail that works. We wanted to help cut through the clutter by working with top brands to deliver the latest innovations to our clients.”

The service launched this week. If you’re interested in trying it, you better hurry because it will only be up for a few weeks, ending mid-June.

Sephora has also teamed up with popular natural hair bloggers to spread the word about “It’s a Curl Thing,” including SunKissAlba, Naptural85, and NaturalMe4C.  Check out their videos for Sephora below!