How many times have you set a New Year’s resolutions (or any major goal) just to have it fall by the wayside after a month? You start out with the best of intentions: Change the world! Quit my job! Make all the money! And then, somehow, time after time, nothing happens. The world is still the same, you’re working the same job, your savings isn’t as padded as you’d like. And you’re not alone. Less than 1 out of 10 people actually achieve their New Year’s Resolution. Yikes!

But, 2017 is going to be different. Instead of vague, half-hearted, easily broken goals, this year we’re going to set (and achieve) attainable goals that we’re passionate about. Here’s how!

  1. Get specific and realistic about your goals. Making more money from your business is a great goal, but let’s get specific. How much more do you want to make? $1 more, 20% more, $500,000 annual revenue? Now let’s get realistic. Tripling your business would be amazing. But, that’s not realistic for most people. Big goals and big dreams aren’t bad things. But being realistic in your expectations and not putting too much on yourself. Realistic expectations also include setting realistic deadlines. Let’s say making $5,000 more income is your goal. How long is that going to take? 6 months? A year? No matter how long, set small benchmarks to keep you on track.
  2. Make an actionable plan. Now that you have a specific, realistic and time sensitive goal of making $5,000 more in a year, how are you going to make that happen? Write down the steps you need to take to achieve your goal. Once again be specific as possible. Do you need to focus on customer acquisition by activating more social media campaigns? Can you provide new products or services for your already engaged customer base? What will those be? How long will it take for you to start providing that?
  3. Identify possible roadblocks and how you’ll overcome them. We’d love for life to go perfectly and our plans to run smoothly. But that’s just not realistic. Setbacks are bound to happen but don’t let them stop the show! You might not be able to foresee everything that happens, but planning ahead can help the soften the blow. For example, if you know business is slow in the summer, ramp up in the spring and consider special promotions during slow periods.
  4. Remind yourself of your motivation. The motivation behind your new year’s resolution matter. If you aren’t really dedicated, of course, you won’t go as far. So set goals that you are passionate about. That way, when things get tough times and when the setback happens, you have a deep felt reason to keep going. Is that $5,000 going towards a new house? Expanding your business? Getting rid of that 9-5 that stresses you out?

Attainable goals are set by thinking and planning for them beyond just the surface. When you do that, you are setting yourself up for success. Still dream big and set the bar high, but be realistic about what you can do and you will do it. Know that you’ll have setbacks, but pivot around them. You’re not just making more money this year, you’re making $5,000 more than last year by investing in social media and creating new products. And with that $5,000, you’ll make a down payment on your new house.

What are some of your goals for 2017? List them below so we can cheer you on!