A massive 60% of Snapchat users in the US are on the app every day according to a new survey by GlobalWebIndex.

Snaps disappear within 24 hours, which gives users good reason to check their Snap feed each and every day.  The popular video-sharing app has seen rapid growth the past year and hit 143 million daily users worldwide.

With SO many users logging on daily, this has potential to be a huge advantage to brands, bloggers and influencers, but many of us brand managers are still struggling to figure out how to leverage, and most importantly measure, engagement with content that is totally gone the next day.

I personally find it overwhelming, and impossible really, to view all the snaps of people and brands I follow before the 24 hour window expires.  There’s a ton of pressure for me to login each day so I don’t miss out!  (#FOMO anyone?)

The here-today-gone-tomorrow approach has been tough to navigate for all parties involved.  For brands, it’s a challenge for their social media managers to keep track of all influencer posts. When you’re paying a blogger to snap her #FOTD (face of the day) it’s important for the brand to at least see the video so they feel like they are getting their money’s worth.  For bloggers, there’s the challenge of having to download snaps to her phone so she can send them as “proof” that she did in fact deliver her end of the bargain.  (And um, my phone NEVER seems to have enough space to download my snap story…!)

Snapchat still plays an immense role in the social media space. With so many users logging in daily, it will be interesting to see how beauty brands and influencers continue to partner on sponsored content that include snaps.

What say you? Do you use Snapchat daily?  Am I the only one suffering from Snapchat #FOMO?  Chime in below!