I am hurt. I am angry.  And I know many of my fellow sisters in beauty are, too.

The violence that Black people are experiencing in this country is devastating.

Over the past two months in particular, I have interacted with thousands of Black women in our beauty community who have been out of work due to mandatory shutdowns of your salon, spa, and special events due to Covid-19.

So now, after the recent murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor, we are dealing with a double-dose of despair that’s hard to put into words.

Many of us cannot contribute to in-person protests against police brutality, especially amid a pandemic where we could contract the highly-contagious coronavirus by being out in crowds.  We just can’t risk our health or the health of our families right now.

I firmly believe that God equips all of us with unique gifts to build up our communities in times of unrest, doing what we can right where we are.

I have an audience of mostly Black women who work in the beauty industry.  According to my Facebook and Instagram insights, 91 of my audience is female. And here are my Audience Ethnicity stats from Fohr.co:

The VAST majority of my social media community is African American women. Source: Fohr.co

As Black communities navigate through the pain of injustice,  I believe that supporting small beauty businesses can contribute to our healing.

When we support beauty businesses that are owned by and employ Black women, we create economic provision and progress in Black communities.

Black women are especially facing unprecedented hardships amid BOTH Covid-19 and the deep-rooted racial inequity in this country.  I am committed to using my platform and resources to help and serve the women in my audience.

Here is what God put on my heart to contribute to our beauty community over the next year:


1.  If your beauty business has been impacted by looting or vandalism, I would like to gift you a free 1-year membership to Beauty Content Pro, along with 1-on-1 marketing coaching as you rebuild. 

Beauty Content Pro is my monthly membership that provides social media calendars, post captions, beauty stock photos, and a live class for beauty professionals.  We would love to welcome you into our beauty community!

I care deeply about the Black lives that have been taken and FULLY understand the rage behind these protests against police brutality. I also realize that it’s hard for small Black-owned businesses that are vandalized in the process, which ultimately destroys a person’s source of income and livelihood.

Please click here to send me your story to be considered for your free membership and 1-on-1 mentoring with me.

2.  I am collecting addresses to send handwritten cards to Black women in the beauty industry who have had their business vandalized, sustained a personal injury while protesting, or experienced the death of a loved one from Covid-19.

If your hairstylist, esthetician, nail artist, local beauty supply owner, or ANYONE in the beauty business falls into one of these categories, please click here to send me your mailing address.  You can also submit this on behalf of someone else.

3. If you are a business or marketing coach with a digital course and would like to donate coaching, business resources, or a seat in your course to beauty business owners who are rebuilding after vandalism, I would be so grateful.  We are stronger together.  Please click here to let me know how you’d like to help.

I will post more updates throughout this month once the responses start rolling in.

You are welcome to email me at nicolemelton@meltondigital.com if you have anything to add to this conversation or effort.  I’d love to hear from you.

I send my love and hugs your way! We will get through this together. ❤️