Rejoice naturalistas! Your favorite hair care brand, Carol’s Daughter, has just launched a blog called The Mix. The Mix is filled with fun content ranging from travel and lifestyle posts to how to hair care videos. But besides just being entertaining, there’s a lot we can learn from The Mix about how to operate a corporate (or personal) blog. Here are three things that the Carol’s Daughter blog, The Mix, is doing right.

They use consistent branding

A blog is, of course, an extension of the overall brand, and telling a consistent story across channels is key. And digital storytelling starts with amazing visuals. Before you even read the actual blog posts, you notice how crisp and clean The Mix looks and how well it matches the feel of the brand. The pictures are high-quality, the models are diverse and have great hair (duh!) and the fonts are consistent and easy to read. Even down to the font colors (brown for an earthy, natural feel and pink for a feminine feel), the brand message on The Mix is on point.

They use video content

Video is the new queen bee of online content, especially in regards to online sales. According to ComScore, after watching a video, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online. You’ll see many of The Mix’s blog posts have both a video and written component, as well as sections dedicated solely to videos. Their videos are great because they show users how to use their products in an entertaining way. And you even get a peek at the woman behind the brand, Lisa Price. This personal appearance gives the brand a literal face.

They use influencers to create a relatable voice

One of Carol’s Daughter’s strengths is its relationship with its influencers. From this post, we know how important influencer marketing is to brands and The Mix features them front and center. From posts about hair oils by Hey Fran Hey to a video of Patricia Bright showing us how to keep our weaves moisturized, this blog feels like it’s being run by people you already know and trust; your online friends. Instead of using stiff, corporate jargon, the blog uses relatable, niche specific language. And using influencers and a relatable voice makes for an easier sell. Instead of just pushing products, Carol’s Daughter is showing you how their products fit into your lifestyle.

These three things can be easily applied to your personal or corporate blog. Make sure your branding is consistent across all channels. Focus on seemingly small details like consistent fonts, colors, image quality as well as bigger details like having a relatable voice. Start ramping up your video content. All it takes is your smartphone and some basic editing software to get started. Use a relatable voice and niche specific language to show your customer you understand their lifestyle.

Let us know in the comments below what you are loving about Carol’s Daughter blog, The Mix!